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Our Company

Shortland Flats Limited is a flat-owning company incorporated on the 7th day of December 1922.

The business and affairs of the company are managed by a Board of Directors elected by shareholders, and the directors are required to be shareholders.  In many ways, the Board of Directors is similar to a Body Corporate Committee in other apartment buildings.

Information about the company, including its directors, shareholders and constitution, is available from the New Zealand Companies Office, online at www.business.govt.nz/companies.

Our Directors

Our current board of directors are:

  • Ross Craig, Flat 9, Co-chair
  • Michael McKeown, Flat 16, Co-chair
  • Kay Shannon, Flat 14
  • Kirsten Slatter, Flat 21
  • Linda Tyler, Flat 10
  • Athena Wu, Flat 19

In accordance with section 29 Alternate Directors of the Company constitution, Andrew Cushen (Flat 7), Julie Hofer (Flat 11) and Ardeth Lobet (Flat 16) were appointed as alternate directors in 2016.

The directors all voluntarily contribute their time at no charge in order to ensure the smooth running of the building and to progress projects.  Nominations and election of the directors occurs every year at the annual general meeting, and shareholders are always encouraged to volunteer their services and skills for the benefit of all.